Monday, 15 August 2011


1st stop, Seton Sands

Next weekend's challenge - The Lomonds of Fife

Fred Flintstone?

It being a nice day, and me not having any work this week (huzzah!), I decided to try another long run and see if it would go any better this time. Right from the start my legs felt almost unnaturally good given they got a fair thrashing yesterday. It didn't hurt that I had a good following breeze, the temperature seemed  lower today and it was a little over-cast. I tried to rein in my optimism afraid of having another real stinker of a long run but 8 or so miles into it I was starting to feel confident that it was going to go well after all. I decided to give Prestonpans a miss for refreshments as it keeps weirding me out. I pressed on to the more salubrious Seton Sands where I got a nice filter coffee and a caramel slice. (I know, I know, I don't need 5 cakes on a plate - but am I to live like a puritan, eschewing all earthly pleasures?.) Disaster was only just averted as at the very last moment I spotted the little dog who was just about to lick my caramel slice as I was distracted taking pictures of the Lomonds of Fife.

I had a walk along the front at Seton Sands to let the coffee go down and then set off on the paths beside the beach. Nature has been going a little wild since I was last along. I guess all this sun and rain has been good for something. I took photos of a tiny fraction of it all but it was burgeoning and the usually fairly well defined path was overgrown at times. My pace slowed because I was off-road but still there was no sign of the aching stiff-leggedness I was struggling with last Wednesday. Pretty soon I was in Aberlady and thought I better make sure I had plenty energy reserves. (yeah  I know, shoosh). Chocolate raisins went down well. It took discipline to put the bag away. Mango flavoured Lipton's tea also went down really well.

I went round the shore beyond Aberlady but headed back in-land at Gullane as the tide was now tight up against the shore. Since I had to run on the pavement I tried to inject a bit more pace and to my surprise my legs responded. I wasn't flying or anything but I was able to pick it up. I had my ipod along and was enjoying listening to Amy Winehouse. Its a shame her music went so much on the back-burner - she's got (had) an amazing voice. If you forget everything you know or have read and just listen to her voice - oh well I've already said it - its amazing. It was giving me chills. Or maybe it was the combo of coffee, caramel slice, tablet, chocolate raisins and Lipton Tea ...

I got a bit of a funny feeling right knee in Dirleton so stopped and stretched and backed off a bit - it would be a pity to run straight into an injury. Still, I wasn't particularly tired. I ran on to the Co-op in the centre of North Berwick taking me up to 24 miles, and had a cold drink.

There were "youths" on the train on the way home but even this couldn't spoil my happy buzz. I don't know what was different about today. Maybe the cooler temperatures, lower humidity, being better dressed for the occasion, favourable wind and recent proximity to Graham Henry all helped me, but it was a relief to get out there and actually enjoy it. Another mile down the road from the station took me up to 25 for today. And that will have to do as preparation for the Speyside Way Race as its in less than 2 weeks now.

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Good news Mary that you have refound your va va voom!