Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ho Ho Ho

So Saturday is the Speyside Way Race. A modest 36 miles compared to the Highland Fling which I didn't do earlier this year. I felt I could hear God chuckling when I looked in my diary and saw that I had a dentist appointment booked in for this week. "Not this time God, you big prankster!" I thought and postponed the appointment. So it looks like he's playing the cards he played at the Cape Wrath Marathon. Heavy rain and a good strong wind. Pointless to ask why I suppose?

Anyway, I need to go and organise drop-bags and read the race instructions and all that stuff. I don't know why it always seems like such a chore. It would be nice if the forecast was to turn out to be wrong. I'd like a nice dry day, with sunny spells, maybe 16' C and a gentle Southerly wind, maybe 7 mph. I'm just saying.

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