Sunday, 24 July 2011

Long Lammermiles

A wall to wall working week meant I only managed to squeeze in 3 runs last week. Its nearly August and we're signed up for the 36.5 mile Speyside Way race at the end of August so today had to be about doing longer runs again. Our last attempt at a long run petered out at 16 miles and ended up with us eating sweeties on a bus. So it was with trepidation that we headed back to the Lammermuirs for a repeat of the 21 mile run we did there at the start of July.

Peter ran 2 races yesterday and one on Wednesday so he was pleasingly handicapped for today. I hadn't run for two days so my legs were relatively fresh but my head, despite a good night's sleep last night, was a bit foggy and tired. Still, the weather was absolutely beautiful and there was just enough of a cool, fresh wind to help blow the flies away. As last time, the Lammermuirs were hoaching with life. Lots of hares. Plenty newly shorn sheep and glossy cows. Crickets chirruped in the undergrowth. The sun beat down and we ran.

The first "half" (8 miles to Carfraemill) seemed to go by much faster than last time. The route is loaded so the 2nd half is much tougher and hillier. The streams across the road on the return journey were deeper than last time we were there and required some negotiating. Still, it all went easier than last time. By 15 miles our feet were sore and we were complaining quietly but it didn't seem long until we were on the last 2 mile sweep back down to the car. Home, exhausted, a couple of pounds lighter despite drinking well on the way round the route and back at the car. We should probably be getting in some longer runs to prepare us for our 36 miler and we will try but the week's coming Tour of Fife means it might have to be the week after next...Still today was a lot more encouraging than last week's long run and the hills felt easier.

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