Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Wintry Pentland Low Level Run

Normal Scottish Winter Service has resumed and it was a grim, freezing, thrawn, windy, bleak, dreich run today. An 11.5 mile route up from Flotterstone on the road, between the hills, down the other side, along beside the reservoirs and then back up between Black Hill and Harbour Hill, down the other side, back onto the road and then back to the car park.

The pain in my heel had quietened down considerably after a day of no running and a bit of icing and ibuprofens. It was okay for the 1st 4 or so miles which were also uphill, which I think is part of it. After that it started to ache increasingly, particularly on the downhills. Its nothing unmanageable, but just worrying because I don't want it to get any worse - I want to be increasing my training, not backing off!

Haven't been out in the Pentlands since Boxing Day when they were still all white  but they are back to their brown-ness. Despite the wind in my face on the uphills and my sore heel I quite enjoyed the whole thing. Better than working! I iced my heel as soon as I got in which seemed maybe a little pointless as it was only just above 0'C anyway, having been wrapped in wet socks for 2 hours. Maybe 11.5 miles was a bit much. Day off running tomorrow and then maybe something more modest like a 5 miler on Thursday...

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