Saturday, 8 January 2011

To Heel

3 days with no running and all I can feel this morning is a tiny gripe at the outer part of my heel, so I guess I'm going to test it out. Ian Cambell of HBT is having a free 5K at Hunter's Bog as a parallel event to the "Great Winter Run" which will be running round the road round Arthur's Seat. I can't bring myself to say much about the Great Run series because I love Brendan Foster. All I would say is I don't know how much its costing this year but in 2006 it cost £16 per entry, so it won't be less than that. Its quite a lot to pay to do your usual run. Peter moaned the most about the price in 2006 when we did it but I paid him in that year and because most of the fastest boys stayed away for the very reasons outlined above he won a nice travel bag which he still has!
So anyway, the plan is to run up there gently and run Ian's counter-culture Great Run and if I survive that then maybe I'm on for the cross-country at Paxton tomorrow. The hard part is reserving judgement. Now I've thought about it I'm SURE I'm going to Paxton tomorrow and EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE but I thought that on Tuesday before I went out running in the Pentlands and set my heel back mucho. Its been sore for 10 days now and I feel like if I don't let it get completely better right away it'll settle in as some chronic injury. So I'm going to have to be strict with myself and if its sore after running today then no cross-country tomorrow...
I haven't noticed not running for 3 days much as I've been working and busy anyway. The worst thing is when I catch sight of the remaining half of the cake we won at the Tortoise and Hare, in the cupboard, and I really have to think NO WAY, if you're not running you're not eating cake...especially not cake soaked in BRANDY with MARZIPAN and ICING! Its a hard life sometimes.

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