Monday, 2 August 2010

Long Run

With the end of the Tour of Fife I'm back to thinking about the Moray Marathon. We missed last week's long run due to the TOF so I needed to knock one out today. I chose the flattest, fastest route I know, - down the coast past the Pans and back, hoping to average about 9 minute miles. There was a light easterly wind blowing in my face on the way out so I knew I'd get some help on the way back when I needed it.

Meanwhile somewhere down the coast in North Berwick or Dunbar a new batch of green fly had just hatched and decided to fly up the Forth. I kept feeling little pats on the skin of my face and I thought it was maybe rain or petals or something. Upon investigation my face and running vest were covered in these tiny little green flies. A few got in my mouth...

I kept my music on the whole way, not something I do that often, but I was enjoying it today. After a week of being social it was good to withdraw into my shell and let my mind wander with the music bashing away in the background.

At Portobello I was  glad to see they're carrying on the tradition of bizarre art, with a collection of puggies scattered around looking out of place on the sand. It would be good to see with the tide in. Its a shame they can't be plugged in so they light up under water. I didn't like them as much as the sand pyramids last year but they were pretty good.

A bit further along the prom I saw Johnny Lawson (or "John Laws" as I see he's called in the Turnhouse results) who ran a stormer at Dollar Hill Race on Saturday. As Dollar was a counter for the British Fellrunning Championships this year he was amongst fierce competition but still did well.

I got through the Pans without incident, - always a relief, and turned around at the 10 mile point at Seton Sands.

And so the wind blew me home. On the way home I bumped into Ian Brodie, who was  out on his bike - and stopped and had a chat for a wee while - and then later on passed Alex Oliver who should have been doing the tour too because he loves short races and plenty of them. I had a bit of a race with myself to get to the door inside 3hrs but missed it by a minute. 3hrs 01min for 20.01 miles. I think it was 9.03 pace. Not far off...

Oh well, my turn to make the tea...

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