Saturday, 27 February 2010

Under the weather

Hmmm, not feeling so great - not ill but not well. Dodged club night on Wednesday as it was freezing and pouring with rain and I was tired. Got up at 7 am the next day with the intention of running 10 miles in the morning as I had to be at work for noon. At 8.30 after a full pot of coffee (I think its equivalent to 6 expressos) I went back to bed and slept until 10am, feeling a bit better by then. Yesterday I'd created a modified plan. I would get up at 8am and run 6 miles before work. This time I did it despite the cold wind and the rain and I felt okay. Work was even okay where it has been very loud and hectic all week. So I was looking forwards to my day off today when I thought I'd get in a moderate 10 or 12 miles.

Over night I got a headache which I tried to shake by drinking. I quite often forget to drink at work. In the morning it was still there though but I was reluctant to take pain-killers. I forced myself out a run in the afternoon in the cold and grey. At least it was dry. It was an effort and I never shook the headache but it wasn't too bad. Didn't make me feel any worse. Just enough mileage to get me over the 50 miles for the week. I guess I've got a bit of a cold or something. When I got in, sick of suffering, I had paracetamol and ibuprofen, which I don't recommend by the way but its worked nicely. I guess now's not the time to push the mileage or the pace. Back to work for 7 tomorrow morning. Bleah. February.

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Climbingmandy said...

Hey Mary
sorry to hear you are under the weather. If it makes you feel any better, I'm in a similar boat. Glands up again, and have only managed 8miles this week. Thank god tomorrow is march!