Sunday, 14 February 2010


Time for another long run. Today we wanted to incorporate Scott and Amanda's 17 miler into our longer run and to show them our new route round near MacMerry off the Pencaitland cycle track. We met them at the start of the cycle track and they hopped into our car and we drove back to Musselburgh and all started from there.

We also wanted to test run some new fudge I got off the internet after a tip-off from someone in Dunbar. The fudge had arrived a while ago but we've been too busy to get out a long run so it has been sitting in its box in the cupboard in the kitchen and calling rather loudly to me though I tried to block out its cries. Actually if the truth was known I've been having a little bit every night.

I started with some rum and raisin fudge to set me up for my run. (Delicious) and again had some just after the 5 mile mark when we hooked up with the P. cycle track again. Amanda and Scott were really good about running slower than usual and we were running a bit faster than when Peter and I have been out ourselves but not too much.

It was good having company and the miles flew in. At the little hut in the woods we had another fudge stop - this time honey fudge Peter had been carrying and this was so intensely sweet it made my ears ring. I think I may have over done the sugar thing as I had a bit of a plummet after this in terms of energy. But also I'm tired as have been short of sleep the last couple of nights, so it might have been that kicking in. My legs weren't particularly tired at this point - it was just all of me flagging.

It was a lovely, still day anyway - and the sun was shining and the woods were as friendly as we'd remembered. I got a good bit slower around the 14 mile mark and Scott and Amanda went ahead. We said goodbye to them back at their car, at just short of 17 miles and set off downhill back to Musselburgh.

We were both struggling by now. Peter ran Carnethy yesterday so had had sore legs the whole way and it was actually quite heartening to see him whey-faced and a bit sore rather than bouncing along as usual. I guess misery loves company.

So. We ticked off the miles pretty slowly and did our best to distract ourselves. Back in Musselburgh Peter went the slightly longer but more scenic route along the front, while I took the shortest cut to the car and ran on the extra .08 of a mile required to make it up to exactly 22. Peter arrived shortly after, looking tired.

When we got home we had the hunger again. This time we had bacon, eggs, beans, tomato ketchup and ciabatta type rolls from the Co-op. These post long run meals are so so good.

So the fudge - was pretty good but you couldn't use it as the only thing on a longer run. I'm going to have to start thinking about salty things to eat because you start really craving something savoury after a while. When we stopped to say goodbye to Amanda and Scott at 17 miles I was thinking what I would really like would be those findus crispy pancakes you used to get years ago with salty hot fake cheese in the middle. No idea if they still exist or indeed how you would heat one up on the run...

The team post-run recovery strategy is to sit around on our arses and p0ssibly drink some wine. I'm on holiday from work for a week so ...yeh.....

Next weekend we have the horrors of the National xc on Saturday followed by some reckless forced march somewhere in the borders on Sunday led by the indefatigable Graham Henry. Frankly I'm scared.


Climbingmandy said...

Love the report Mary. You are sure taking the fudge trial very seriously. Hope I helped rather than hindered today. I really enjoyed it in any case.

Yak Hunter said...

It was a delight running with you and Scott today! xx