Sunday, 30 April 2017

Nasty last long run and a breezy day at the coast.

Saturday isn't my best day for running but I wanted to get this weekend's long run out the way. It was meant to get windier on Sunday. I dreamed up a godawful urban run. It did actually have some good bits - but I was sluggish beyond belief and my legs started aching in earnest round about 6 miles in. My inner princess was protesting. Peter laughed at my increasing grumpiness and took pictures of what he called my "funny face", and then ran off. I could do nothing about it. It was a hell-trip. I have no photos, just the map above from Strava.

Today, it was nice to wake up and see the sun shining. Yesterday was unremittingly grey, and cold, I forgot to mention that.
This morning just felt better.
We headed for Gullane for our normal coffee and cake routine. There was a stiff easterly blowing so we used our sense - okay I used my sense - and planned an easterly route through the trees to get maximal cover from the wind, and then an exposed run on the way back on the beach with the wind behind us.

Despite sore legs from yesterday, it was a lovely fresh day and we both enjoyed it.


The dog was wondering why the hell there was a man in a bandanna in there taking pictures of himself.

One of the highlights was running along the diagonal path through the rape field. It was like a Scottish version of the scene from Gladiator where Russell Crowe has a fly through of the olive groves on his way to the Elysian Fields.

Another highlight of the run was getting to the beach. Sometimes my clever plans for having the wind behind us go wrong, but not today. I went from 10 minute miling to closer to 7 minute miling, at least for a while. We bumped into Dr Neil coming the other way, and I wished I'd taken a picture. But I didn't. The sand was perfect underfoot for running.

We took a detour past a pond we'd found a few weeks before, teeming with tadpoles. We hoped for frogs, but the pond was still teeming with taddies. I think last week's cold spell slowed them down a bit.

I surprised myself by unintentionally running more than 11 miles today.

Okay. That's another weekend over and I have to...stretch! shower! watch telly! Pronto.

In other news, however, Look! I'm the proud parent of a lemon tree. I planted some lemon pips. (Much to Buchanan's scorn.) But one is coming up!
You're invited round to the house for lemonade next year. :-)

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