Sunday, 19 February 2017

Three days.

Three days worth of photos, so I might as well blog. I was writing an essay last week and wasn't letting myself off the hook even long enough to blog. I was too scared I wouldn't do it. Because I didn't want to do it. Still it is mostly done now. Ready to submit tomorrow.

I've been out a few runs during the week and my hip flexors are snapping a bit after the Carnethy. And then on Tuesday for some reason I went out and blasted the Arthur's Seat 10 miler which has a fair proportion of hill. And on Friday I thought that I would run up the tourist route to the top of the seat. The path was very busy as it's a school holiday. There were lots of French people for some reason. At the top it was hoaching. Instead of taking photos of the view I took photos of the people.

I have been keeping quiet about running as Peter's knee continues to give him trouble. He was trying to be sensible and rest it. It seems it's more like a kneeling injury from work than a running injury.

Saturday, I got him to run up and down the street a few times to see if it was fit for a Gullane run. He said it was but he was lying. Not as bad as last Sunday but it was still hurting him. A few times he fell behind me. You'd think I'd enjoy it, but I don't.
Still, the sun came out for a while.

Storm clouds gathering.

So today we thought we'd go to the Pentlands and I could have a longer run and he could take his mountain bike. Some of this went well. The middle bit was fun. Somebody doesn't like getting his bike muddy though. And I was ordered not to publish any photos of him pushing his bike "like a pussy". As if a pussy could push a bike.

It all went black and white after the muddy bit.

Except for this chap.

Here's to better knees and fewer essays in the future.

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