Saturday, 12 November 2016

Early decorations.

Still Life. Avocado with Garmin. Just needs a bit of adjusting.

beautiful cute out-of-focus sanderlings

I can't believe how lazy I've been with the photos today. Yet why keep a Buchanan and snap yourself?

Because I missed out on taking photos of Fatbike Originals Bruce and Jason, and lots of other stuff. Missed out on the sun being out as well.

Oh well.

I've got nothing new to tell you. The week started with my 50th birthday and a snottery cold. I lay about on the sofa reading CBT papers about social phobia and trying to breathe.
Then the week was busy with work. There's not much time to think. Come Friday I felt better and my cold was very 'productive' on my cycle to work. Finding I'd forgotten a hanky and blowing what I hoped would be a discreet snot rocket  I found I was left with a three foot silver streamer, about half an inch thick, which wouldn't neatly detach from my nose. It ended up festooned over my handlebars, my gloves, and my shoulder. It glinted in the sparkling morning light.

Merry Christmas.

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jen said...

Haha I loved the snot tale. This is me right now.