Friday, 23 September 2016

Selfies "n" other stuff

 I've been having some holiday time and doing what I believe the young people call "dicking about".
 Peter's already covered this, but we went to the Portrait Gallery to see an exhibition of self-portraits thinking it would be interesting and we were both under-whelmed. I think part of it for me is I can't think when there are too many other people around me because I just want them out of my aura. So exhibitions are no good and neither is shopping. I couldn't enjoy looking at the pictures because of the people and their smells. There was one lady moving at the same pace as us who smelt like our neighbour Rose. I don't think Rose would quibble if I said she "liked a drink". I can tell if she's been on the stairs when I go out the flat because she has this flowery smell which I think is a mixture of perfume and gin or vodka or something. The woman in the exhibition...well she was taking up more of my mind space than the pictures. Afterwards I wished I could go back and review it all - because retrospectively I started to find it interesting. People depicted themselves in all these different ways. There was the odd person who'd decided that they were just young and handsome and that's what they were going to show. Far more common were haunted eyes and allusions to loneliness, anxiety and death. Guilty secrets. Baggy old eyes that said "I might be a bit of a perv." I know this would all be better if I could illustrate it. But I was lazy with the lens.
Then there was a section of "friends and family" and the artists were generally a lot easier on their loved ones than they were themselves.
If I had my time again I'd take more pictures so I could look at them without the distraction of people around me.

 Then another day. Well many other days we went for a run round Gullane. Here's a picture of Hoka man in his natural habitat doing his thing.
Since I'd been to that exhibition I was still thinking about self-portraits, which are, essentially, selfies.

This is me as seen from space.

Yeah. I don't really know.

Bucky's eye view.

Moral Outrage and Indignation.

Waiting for butterfly man.

"Egg, larva, pupa, butterfly!"

Today we went for... a run round Gullane! I knew I wouldn't get much resistance out of Peter as he did a 30 miler yesterday. I've got a new wetsuit and I needed to try it out.

It was ace. Stretchy extremities so it's really quick and easy to get off. In contrast to my last one. No more nearly dying of hypothermia in an icy wind while struggling to get out of the suit...hopefully.

 We ran into this fellow! The photos don't do justice to what a cute little toad this was. Lovely little hands and golden eyes. But he wanted to get back to the pond, so he wouldn't stay still for long.
Looking like a bat.

And this one was under some ply.

Oops. Number one again doing some crafty climbing moves.

Angel Skeleton.

The narrative isn't great for this blog, but what the hell.

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