Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A little more Orkney!

I've been back in the whirl of life pretty much since we got back from Orkney. Big rearrangement at work. New course. Changing the days I work. Finding new venues. That kind of thing. It hasn't really stopped. I promised myself that last weekend I'd switch off from it and chill out - and I managed that on Saturday. In fact it was a delightful day. Me and P went running about at the beach. A corn which has been causing me bother for more than a month kind of dropped off. I'd been trying various approaches to getting rid of it but to be honest nothing seemed to be making much impact...I think it just got bored of hanging on. 
Then on Sunday I thought I would just set up a link to the remote server at QMU, which is my new university...we'd been told to do it as soon as we could. But it didn't work. I tried this, I tried that. I tried switching to Internet Explorer which I kind of hate. (What the hell is "Bing" ?) I tried googling the problem. I tried reassociating files. There followed 5 hours of sitting on my arse, wasting the weekend and getting in a worse and worse mood because it was the WEEKEND and it was time to CHILL OUT!!!! Lots of swearing. My guts, which have been kind of bad, tied themselves into little knots. And then it was Monday and I was back at it - running along the stress-a-lator, wondering what had happened to fun and downtime....

It's only Wednesday and I've done a ton of the things which I had to do. Today's drum-roll is that the Berlingo has gone for its MOT and I am going up the road later for a new supervision group for CBT which is what I'm studying. Just me and the young doctors, which should be fun. I think I've nearly burnt out my worry gland as I'm weirdly calm about the Berlingo. And actively looking forwards to the supervision group.

I thought I could take this morning for myself though. It was forecast to be thunder and it came when I was out running. I had taken the waterproof camera in hopes that there would be a big Gothic Lightning storm. I was going to Inverleith Park so I thought maybe I'd get some good pictures. There was just a bit of sheet lightning here though, so the camera stayed in its pouch. The rain chucked down  and it was warm and pleasant and I had a lovely run. The streets were pleasingly free of people and under the trees smelt wonderful.

So anyway, when I came back I realised I probably still had photos of Orkney I hadn't looked at. And sure enough I did. Here's a selection below.

Keeping well away from the edge. Post-marathon tiredness and a hangover, in no mood for terrifying vertiginous drops.

Selfies are an art form. Not properly appreciated.

Beautiful grasses.

Moody lighting.

This is what you want from a departure lounge.

Fife looking pretty just before landing.

I better get at it again. It was nice checking in though.

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