Wednesday, 23 December 2015


 December, December. What can you say about it? My favourite day-time run at the moment is up to the top of Arthur's Seat as fast as I can, and then down and round Whinny Hill and then there's a variety of finishes, depending on what I'm after. I've been trained by Peter always to take a camera, just in case I see something...but there's not much to see. It's been pretty windy at the top of the seat and I guess most of the students are away home, so there are fewer people.

At work. Apparently this is me? Honestly these people have no respect.

On the bus with only my phone to take pictures for Run Home Thursday. Impressionistic.

A house all lit up in Corstorphine on a dark Run Home Thursday.

My other favourite run has been over Corstorphine Hill in the dark to run home from work one night a week. I have the trail figured out now so it has been less eventful, but it's still very good to get out of the stale air of the office and under the trees and get a bit spooked in the dark.
It means getting home absolutely starving at about 7pm and forcing myself to get a shower before dinner.

The cycle-path is filthy and flooded and my bike will have no moving parts left if I don't clean it soon.
We're still  busy at work, trying to get waiting lists down and hit targets. It's dark most of the time.

So when our friend Jennifer posted up on the "book" that there's to be a St Magnus Marathon in Orkney in July next year the thought of some light and an adventure was irresistible. Biggest impulse buy of the year. 2 entries for the St Magnus Marathon and 2 return flights. I don't think I've been back to Orkney for about 13 years, and every year I think I might go - so next year is the year - and it takes care of which marathon to do for the club championships. But shhhh, don't tell the fast HBTs. They seem to turn up at all the most remote races.

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