Saturday, 7 November 2015

Seven Squared

I'm 49 today, and to celebrate the heavens opened. The forecast said "wet all day". I toyed with the idea of going down the coast and running on the beach in the rain and then maybe even going in a swim - in defiance! In theory there shouldn't be anything difficult about swimming in the rain, and once you're in, there isn't - but it's the getting in that's a problem.

I tried to take the edge off my lack of enthusiasm by bullying Peter a bit. I let him sleep in until 10 or so and then told him that we'd be going running on the beach in half an hour. "Fair enough" he said, sleepily, and then passively resisted by getting involved with Facebook over a cup of tea. There were a few things wrong and he had to try to put them right. Someone had spelled something wrong and then someone else had expressed the wrong sentiment. It's tough for him, getting everyone licked into shape. It gave me time to think about my plan. It was fine in theory, but the reality would be more than an hour driving in the van with the creak of the windscreen wipers, looking out on a rain-streaked landscape...

Easier, quicker, better, to go for a 10 miler round Arthur's Seat. Once we got into it we would be fine.
PB does usually cheer up once we're out, but not today. He elucidated a number of things that were wrong with the world. I can't run faster than him so there's no escape. It was never ending. I told him he had to say a list of things in his life that were all right - in fact he had to say 100 of them. I hoped once he got in the swing it would really flow. I got him started with about 5. He gave it a go. he said he was looking forwards to Jim Hardie's "7 beers of Edinburgh" event in a couple of week's time. A deeply unwise plan to run the 7 hills of Edinburgh with a beer for every hill. I don't think he'll survive. Then he said he was glad he had his health, but didn't sound that convinced. What can you do?

Nothing. We got a run in, anyway. And I'm enjoying doing very little in a low key kind of way.

Do you know, that's it! I've got a niggly knee. Hope it doesn't get worse. Next week is Tinto Hill race, which I'm not looking forwards to. Pax et Bonum.

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