Sunday, 5 April 2015

Radical Recovery

Finally the sun comes out. Today I planned to do an easy recovery 5 miler so I'll be refreshed to try and run a bit harder tomorrow. I got over-excited in the park though. I started out leisurely, but it was so lovely - the sun being out, the gorse smelling of coconuts, the Pentlands in the distance - that I extended it a bit. Then, when I was running down the grass from the Commonwealth Pool entrance to the park I looked up at the radical road, which was still in deep shadow, and I felt strangely drawn to go and run up it.

I haven't done this for a while. The cool of the shadow helped. I was soon gasping my lungs out. In a way it's very freeing. No need to think anything, just keep moving and breathe. I saw 2 runners coming down towards me, one, who had a little goatee and sounded like he was from Kentucky, said "It's easier goin' up than comin' down!" (Debatable, but the way he said it was friendly.) The other just gave me a friendly wave as he deftly dropped down through the clumps of tourists making their way up.

By the time I got home I felt wrung out rather than recovered, and I'd run more than 8 miles rather than 5. But I had a big fat smile on my face. I must do that radical road a bit more often.

In other news, Peter has been making pizza dough. It was encased in cling-film but broke out both sides in the night. How can that be? It's in the bottom of the fridge!

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NickWill75 said...

Well done on tackling the RR today.

And spot on about the coconut smell from the gorse. I think gorse is really under-rated and one of my favourite things about Spring.