Monday, 2 March 2015


I was going to say it was a day of contrasts, but that would have been a damn lie. There was bright light and dark clouds, true. When the sun came out it was like everything lit up from the inside. The new green in the fields was intense. And then big dark brooding clouds would come over and before you knew it you were being whipped with driving sleet.

But the wind was uniformly harsh and cutting. I was hungry all day despite many breakfasts and then various other supplemental meals. The cold was a constant companion...

Our 6 mile recovery run wasn't relaxing. It was fighting into the cold wind and then being blown at high speed along the beach...Exhilarating, but not restorative. I slept in an extra two hours this morning because I felt like I'd been beaten with sticks.

Getting ready for getting in the water wasn't easy. We had the heater on full blast in the car which probably made it harder. Still we were cold. We had to run about a fair bit before even venturing in the water. The thermometer said 5 degrees, which isn't bad, so it must have been the wind chill that was doing the damage. The sea bit into my face as I got thrown around in the choppy water, trying my best to make some kind of progress that wasn't just me being pushed about by the wind, the tides and the waves surging in. I doubt if I did. I forgot how to swim.

So I'm not all that up for today's 10 miler. Which is why I'm blogging and doing housey things. I'll need to go soon.

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