Sunday, 22 February 2015


The weather forecast for today wasn't nice. It looked best round about sun-rise at 7.21am. I did suggest to Peter that maybe what we should do was go for a run in the dark and then be in the water for sun up. It was a lovely pink sky this morning but we weren't in the sea for it.

I started waking Peter up at 8.15 with a cup of tea because it was going to be dry in the morning and then get nasty. But it was still somber and grey and neither of us really wanted to get moving. I don't know what time we finally left the house but it had started to rain. We went a run in the rain and mucked about on the way - stopping to do bad planking, headstands on the beach and make shell patterns. Eventually we arrived back at the car and it was time to go in the water.

Just no putting it off any more! Once we were in it was - well Baltic, but quite nice. It was nearly 3pm by the time we were back in the car, dressed. How did that happen? We were starving. Peter raided the local Co-op (rather than go in the Gullane Superfry) and we stuffed ourselves with oatcakes and cheese and olives with the heater in the car on full blast. And now it's...Good God is that the time? Need to rinse out wet suits and get the tea on and all that...

Better go.

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