Friday, 11 July 2014

A graveyard sandwich and swifts flying round the moon


 Damn it's hot out there. I'm taking a week off to get my dissertation done. Every time I say "my dissertation" I imagine that you imagine me saying it in the same voice Neil from the Young Ones used every time he spoke about his astrological star chart. "I'm going upstairs now to finish off painting my astrological star chart, all right?"

Anyway. It's going to get done. For sure.

Meanwhile, in running news. I've got nothing to tell you. I've been running about 35 miles a week and it's going alright. I was trying to think if I wanted to go and do the Barry Buddon Half marathon as it's a championship race but I could find no place within my heart that wanted to go and do a "fast, flat" half marathon near the end of August somewhere near Dundee. Nu-uh. Bets it's hot.

In other news I went to have my lunch in a hot graveyard the other day, and I only had a banana with me and I was hungry. What should I see, lying at the side of the road, just at the entry to the graveyard but a sandwich, brown bread, just a little corner of cheese showing and fastidiously wrapped in cling-film. I was too paranoid to eat it, but I wanted to.

Oh and last night there was a nice moon out the window and the swifts were darting around really high up in the sky.

And all I had to do was a bit of googling to reach back through the years to actually hear the real Neil from the Young Ones mentioning his astrological star chart. And now when I think about writing "my dissertation" I can hear Rik saying "Do you really imagine that anyone has ever been the slightest bit interested in anything you  say or do?" It's not good. It's not the right space for writing in at all. It's really heavy!

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