Monday, 9 June 2014

Yana Every Day

I need to squeeze in doing stuff  for my dissertation when I'm not working, which is fine, but it means I'm never really truly off the hook. I try to be a bit disciplined but it doesn't always work. Yesterday for example I did 45 minutes of reading and writing after a whole day of avoiding it. Surfing the net is a good option when you're avoiding something. We had watched a Swedish film called Hunters the night before and it had a recurring musical theme that I knew I knew but I couldn't think what it was. I was wondering if it had any bearing on the film so I wanted to know what it was. In fact it seemed urgent that I find out! It turned out to be in Tosca, "E lucivan le stelle" and it didn't have any bearing on the film, or not that I could see.

It wasn't a very good film anyway.

I listened to the whole of Tosca (with Peter going "What's that bloody racket!") while folding my clothes and colour coding them according to the spectrum, red on the left, purple on the right and then everything black, white and grey. My trousers got sorted into jeans and trousers I could wear for work. God it was exhausting. When I finally sat down to do something I had to try and write a thing and found my writing was stilted. Then I remembered what my blog is for! If you have to write then it's a good idea to write frequently or else you get rusty and it gets much harder. Writing was one of the things on my course I found the easiest because I was in the habit of writing regularly.

I've been making the mistake of thinking there isn't anything to say. There's always plenty to say! And it doesn't have to be about running.

In other news, on Saturday when I was out running I saw Yana Thandrayen, out running herself, at Portobello. Then on Sunday I just went for a wee "recovery run" up the cycle path and who should I see, running towards me, and moving considerably faster than I was? Yep it was Yana again. So today, after a hilly 9 miler around the Seat, and on a final sprint up Abbeyhill, I shouldn't have been surprised to hear someone calling "Hello Mary!". I looked up and there was Yana Thandrayen on a bike!

In another bout of not really doing what I was supposed to I downloaded some software for tinkering with photos (Camerabag 2) on Friday night. Now I can make everything look old fashioned. And I intend to.

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