Saturday, 21 September 2013

NB18 again, this time in muted pastel shades

Same run as last week, saves some explanation. Except this time Amanda had messaged Peter to say she was up for a run. Peter didn't want to run too far - he's got Dumfries Half Marathon tomorrow and has spent the week getting no sleep because of a toothache that gets worse at night. He's been finding little sips of whisky help. You can see how someone's life could just begin to slide under these conditions. It's worse for me. I've woken up in the night a few times to see someone sitting up asleep, looking for all the world like Psycho's mother. This was Peter with his dressing gown wrapped round him sleeping upright because the tooth didn't hurt so much that way. Anyway, I digress. Amanda didn't want to run far because she's got a bit of a cold. They agreed to go for 10. I wanted 18. I dumped Peter off in Aberlady as the last of the sun for the day went behind the clouds.

Much as I enjoy stopping 4 miles into my run for coffee that gives me a massive adrenaline rush, I rather scared myself with my heart rate last week, so decided to make a cup of weak, instant (sigh) and hide it in the undergrowth in a thermal thingmy at Aberlady Bay. I went fore-armed with a pain au chocolat from the Co-op, which, to my relief, survived the 6.5 miles of shoogling in a rucksack it got before it was time for it to be eaten. (I thought if I hid this in the undergrowth, something with teeth would surely get it...) I also hid a water bottle, as you only really need to drink on the second part of the journey.

The outward journey along the road went by without incident. I quite like seeing the pelotons whizz by, and the odd solo cyclists always give you a nod. The picnic at Aberlady Bay was only slightly spoiled by some twitcher having already bagged the bench so I sat on top of a drain cover instead. There was very little wind and the miles were going by easily. My minute/miles are so much improved on how they were earlier in the year, it is very heartening. I reflected that although at that time I was trying to be brave about running slower than 10 min/miles, every time I did  I felt like hurting a puppy.

Just after Gullane I ran into Peter and Amanda. Peter informed me he'd been "expecting me sooner", implying that I was slow. I don't think he can actually help himself. Amanda was in good form, having recently won a half marathon for which she got £300 and a £50 token and some other stuff. I asked her what she is going to get me with the token but she hasn't told me yet. Must be keeping it as a surprise.

By Yellowcraigs and all that my legs were tiring but it wasn't far to North Berwick.
Another 18 done today, a bit quicker than last weekend, although there was less wind and the tide was further out so I had easier terrain to go over.

40 miles for the week again. Good enough.

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