Saturday, 31 August 2013

Breezy 16

It was to be a strong west wind so we parked up behind our friends Ben and Alison's house and ran on the road to the turn off down to Aberlady bay. With a stop off at Gullane. I'd eschewed the concept of 2nd breakfast (about a week ago) but it was more than 4 hours since I'd eaten when we set off so I decided to take 2nd breakfast up again as a thing. So coffee and a sticky bun in Gullane was marred only slightly by political ladies selling an independent Scotland. I signed up on the spot hoping that this would make an end to the interaction. I wasn't interested in much except eating bun and gazing into space - but Buchanan loves to interact and debate and engaged another scotland flag waving lady in discussion. She stood a little bit too close to me and I couldn't help feeling she  was spoiling it for me and it was Peter's fault. So I set off a bit earlier than him and made him run hard to catch up.

Down at the shore the view was stunning. The wind had blown the sand flat and it snaked along all ghostly before us as we ran. I was running strongly and was really enjoying it so was discouraging any distracting chatting. I really wanted to think my own thoughts.

The beach flew by - not much to say. It was a good bit cooler today than it has been lately and it made the running easier. The wind was whipping up the sea and making the grass dance. It was a pleasure being out. Before long we cruised back into North Berwick. We snuck up B & A's back garden path to see if they were in and surprised them in the middle of a post-lunch dance to Paul Simon with the kids.

Alison put a huge container full of plums from a neighbour's garden in front of us so I munched my way through what was probably an unwise amount.
After sitting for about an hour and a half I could hardly bend my stupid yoga leg, so I went from running along fine to hurpling until it eased off. I don't know what to do for the damn thing but I can't be sitting about the house all weekend! Definitely signs of autumn around. The long hot summer has kind of made up for the Siberian spring though.


coastkid said...

Great post Mary!, not been on the coast much with the trails inland so dry and the harvest well underway to film. What an amazing summer it has beenm and as you say a change is in the air, lets prey for an Indian summer -:)

Yak Hunter said...

Cheers Bruce, we were looking for your tyre marks!

RD said...

Too busy to come for a run this weekend h'uh? (though it turned out I've stuck in the office, so I wouldn't have been able to come)

Yak Hunter said...

Hmmm, I was busy running down the coast! Sorry to hear you're stuck in the office. It was a nice day.