Sunday, 21 April 2013

Nice to see...

...the sun again after all this time. Not that warm though. Yesterday's run was the Gullane 10 miler. Today we sat out the morning wind and rain and tracked London Marathoners on the computer. In the afternoon, when the sun had come out we went up Arthur's Seat. It was absolutely hoaching with "visitors" and this and my piss poor pace (I had to walk going up Arthur's Seat) had me in a fierce bad mood for a while. Running up the main drag to the top of  the seat was bloody awful. Running down and onto Whinny Hill was better. There were no people there, which helped, and also my legs felt like they'd woken up a bit.

In general I've talked myself into being laid back about my running and not looking for an improvement. It'll come in its own time if it's going to come at all. But sometimes the reality of how much worse I am than I was hits me.

I can't leave you on that note. Watch this. It makes me laugh.


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