Saturday, 10 September 2011

Reverse Red Moss Plus in the beautiful evening light....

Not the most auspicious start to the weekend...apparently it was the Ned Revels last night, which took place next door to us. For us this consisted of 10.30pm to about 3.30pm boom-boom music, ugly voices and laughter, doors slamming, staffies barking. We slunk off to bed hoping if we ignored them they'd just go away. "Someone else phone the fucking police this time" was my thought. Really. What is wrong with our other neighbours? In the name of behavioural modification and consistency we should have phoned the police but neither of us wanted to get into the whole thing. I tried my ned noise combatting head-phones and even the white noise I'd down-loaded from the internet, which worked to a certain extent, but I felt sorry for Peter and got tired of the space-suit noises. Also I like to lie on my side.

So I woke up this morning about 11.30 in a pretty bleak mood. Rumour has it that our neighbour will be leaving soon but in the meantime every time there is a full moon and his disordered blood rushes to his tiny head the whole building has to throb to his imbecilic beat until the rage has passed...

As I surfed around on the internet while eating my breakfast I was pleased to discover that this is the Year of the Rabbit and as a Horse, I'm not really meant to be having a good time this year. Having to temporarily rein in my nature and put up with things I don't like. Lower earnings and loss of status in order to achieve long term goals. Lower than usual amounts of luck. Yep, yep it fits. As long as there's a reason for it I don't mind.

So then there was the question of where to go a run. The Buchanan has rather pushed the boat out in the last week. He ran 26 miles for my 20 on Sunday and then went out another run on Monday. (About 7 miles?) Then we both did the Pentland Skyline on Wednesday and yesterday he cycled to Musselburgh to meet up with Johnny Lawson and ran 21 miles with him, cycled back, and then came out for 5 and a half with me. So today he wasn't as keen as usual, which was quite nice for me. I suggested that we do the extended Red Moss route we've cooked up but vary it a bit and do it in reverse as I always struggle with the last flat mile at the end. Both of us were stiff to start with but the drizzle that had been around earlier in the day had cleared up and there were bursts of low evening sunlight. It was a bit dark and dismal to start with, but the wind was warm, and for once Peter wasn't pushing the pace which made me feel like I was moving quite well. As we got up onto the Kips the sun came out and the wind was blowing hard and everything looked golden in the low light. We had a superb 3 mile swoop downhill from the top of West Kip back to the car with a small diversion at the end round the board walk over the moss. We were both much lighter in mood by the end.

So then we only had some left over pasta for tea so bought a pizza to supplement it, and some wine to supplement that and then we watched a bizarre but enjoyable Mighty Boosh-esque film called Bunny and the Bull - which is approximately about taking risks and for the moment all is right with my world. Tomorrow is long run time again. Where will we go? I really don't know.

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