Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Kinda Cloudy

Taken with Scott's notion that setting off straight up Turnhouse from the Flotterstone carpark is too much intense climbing too soon, I thought up a variant today that would introduce me more gently back into the hills. I thought I would run up the road, or the grass at the side, to the Howe, between the hills to the other side, up the Drove Road to West Kip and from there run the hills back (including S. Black Hill).

It was a still grey day after yesterday's sudden surprising sunlight and heat. There were the sounds of the birds, the lambs and automatic machine guns raking the hill above.

It felt good to be out in the country again. I realise I feel much more relaxed away from the neds and the teenagers and the traffic. Some slight feelings of guilt for missing another club session tonight but today is my last day off until a week on Friday when we set off for the Stornoway half so last chance to go a longer run. I'm not keen on waiting all day to go a run at night, it feels like a waste of a day.

All went well and pretty soon I was off the road and the track and making my way up the Drove Road. The ground is very dry and perfect under foot making a nice hollow drumming sound. Passed a few folk out walking up in the hills. Stopped to take pictures of chimneys spouting steam into the low cloud and a view of the Pans and my favourite witchy trees.

Some protest from my legs that aren't used to marching and trotting up hills and I was slow and hesitant on the way down but did my best. The larks never stopped their trilling noises and there was a strong sheepy smell everywhere. 12 and a bit miles in 2 hrs 20 some. Good to get back up there...

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