Saturday, 23 January 2010

Drizzly run over the Seat

Continuing our recent non-heroic form, I wriggled out of doing the Devil's Burden today and neither of us could be bothered gettting up early enough to take part in the Park Run despite the vague memory of bursting with enthusiasm for it towards the end of last year. Instead a leisurely start to the day at 10.30am, only rising because I was starting to get sore from lying there. Up to an uninspiring grey day. Drizzly sky and wet pavements and flat winter light. (Hey that's nearly a Haiku I think.)

Plan for the weekend; shortish run today, longer run tomorrow. Nothing more specific. Also, replace the brakes on my bike because after much lack of maintenance followed by being soaked in salt day in and day out in the recent weather they barely work.

Looking out the window, Whinny hill caught my eye and I thought a run about up there would be good. So we ran round the top of the crags and then up to the summit of Arthur's Seat - had to go very gingerly over the slippery wet rock on the way back down - and then down onto Whinny hill.

Whinny hill has some very good running on it because its undulating rather than straight up and straight down and we ran around for a while, following random paths and racing each other to some extent. (To some extent because Peter can always always beat me unless he is distracted and doesn't know I'm coming so I can surge past him and hold him off as long as I can.)

It was good fun and despite the heavy skies it cheered us both up. We did a final lap of Hunter's Bog and headed for home.

Not looking forwards to washing my bike in the dark prior to getting its new brakes. (New brakes arrived from e-bay today. E-bay is great for bike parts.) Nor to our long run tomorrow to an as yet unspecified venue on an undecided route. The team is not really firing on all cylinders.
Photo stolen off the www. and decidedly not of today.

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