Saturday, 25 July 2009

Musselburgh 10k

Another 10k for no other reason than Peter wanted to do it. I had a horrible run yesterday. Had meant to go for a 20 miler up the Esk and then cyclepath out to Pencaitland and back but the heaven's opened and I got soaked through and although I'd brought a wee running jacket guess I got too cold and got a really sore stomach which I tried to run with and then somehow or other that made me sick! What a state. I had turned around at 5 miles thinking 20 miles just wasn't to be and was glad as the stomach thing got worse and worse and I ended up jogging until it got bad again and walking in between. 8.5 miles running in the end, frozen stiff and pissed off I had a shower and went to bed to heat up.
So, today - at least my legs were fresh - and all stomach problems had left me. I still wasn't very keen for a 10K as I've not been going very fast and I can hear Bert telling me that its my fault for not doing his incessant speed sessions on a Wednesday night!

Decided to run by heart rate and feel rather than pace or time and I liked this. I stayed relaxed, was working hard but not actually hurting at 93% of max so decided to try to keep it there.

The course was great. A lot of grass and off-roady trail and no traffic. There was a bit of a headwind on the return stretch over the bumpiest bit of ground and there I had my slowest mile, but as I was still working at 93% I didn't let this bother me. For the last 2 miles I could hear female breathing not far behind and I tried not to let this mess with my relaxed approach too much. The breathing finally receded as I went over a muddy bit quite near to the finish and I held her off. I did not, however, hold off that old devil Douglas Young who I believe will be 62 on the 28th of this month. There were warning shouts from the Porties as I was coming into the finishing strait but I had risked a look over my shoulder as I rounded the final bend and there was noone there, so when they started to shout I thought they were winding me up. Before I knew it the familiar form of DY motored by! He caught me by surprise and made me laugh which did not help my form but I picked it up as much as I was able. Not enough though!

Hats off. Its a season's best of c. 45.30 (Garmin wouldn't go off right away so lost some of the detail.) I feel chipper because it was quicker than Peebles and I felt better. Have lost a couple of pounds so I'm putting improved pace down to that.

Now a week of work awaits punctuated only by the tour de Fife. I am very apprehensive about this as I had hoped to take time off work but there's not enough people so I can't so will be up at 5am for a 7am shift on Wednesday, come home, drive to Fife, race, drive home, off to bed, up at 5am, etc. I'm off the Fri, Sat, Sun so will feel better then but I think the first 2 days will be pretty harsh.

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