Wednesday, 21 January 2009

More night running

Last Tuesday night, recovering from working nightshifts over the weekend, I didn't get up until 1pm. It was soon to be dark yet I needed a long run, preferably off road. The solution? Night run in the Pentlands.
We set off from the car park at Flotterstone at about 3.30pm and set off up Turnhouse with the light in the west dimming and going pink. It was near dark and I put my head torch on at South Black Hill. By the time we came off West Kip we needed the torches and were glad the most difficult terrain was behind us. We ran down to the carpark near the foot of the hill, disturbing a flock of geese. Initially both of us thought there was a helicopter landing nearby until we realised it was the sound of big wings beating and recognised the goose voices calling! No more wild life incidents, almost disappointingly, but the time went very fast even though our pace was slow, with the novelty of running in the dark. We ran round a reservoir and then back through the hills and back down to Flotterstone. Overall a very nice experience and we were pleased with ourselves, clocking up 13.6 hilly miles in 2hrs and 51 mins on a school night. I see from their website that Carnethy went out as a club on Wednesday night and had blizzards so we were lucky. It was cold but still and you could hear for miles.

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