Friday, 19 December 2008

Handicap race

It was awards night at running club the other night and Richard had set up a set of three consecutive one mile races, set off in three different groups, the object of which was to run the first mile quick then the second mile quicker and the third mile as close to the pace of the second as you could? Confused? We all were. We took the car to club instead of the usual 3 mile run there as it was blowing a gale so were not warmed up for it. Running a mile is an excruciating experience!
There was about a 2 min recovery between miles depending how fast you ran, and these recoveries were spent with people bent over double or leaning over the railing onto the beach complaining they might be sick.
I ran the first one as quick as I could and then died off.
I like the atmospheric pictures of runners in the dark.

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