Monday, 14 January 2008

14/01/08 Windy Run in the Pentlands

Yesterday we went running in the Pentlands for 2hrs 40 mins. We set off from the Flotterstone Inn car park and then ran (and walked) up Turnhouse Hill, Carnethy, Scald Law, S. Black Hill and E. and W. Kip. It was blowing a gale and particularly on West Kip we had moments when we thought we would leave the ground. Thoughts of Alison Hargreave. We ran off the end of West Kip and then took the coward's route round the paths and road back to the car park. The burn was a raging torrent and Peter and Richard waded through where the water level was a foot above the stepping stones. Happily I saw an easily jumpable bit just upstream. Haha.
Richard was in old road shoes. I think he might not have realised we were going over the very tops of the hills but he managed fine. Peter and I were forging ahead a bit with more up-hilling in our legs and more grip on our feet, but on the downhills he seemed sure-footed and relaxed even though it must have been slippy. I was glad of my walshes.
Once we were back on the paths and roads I was the one lagging behind slightly so I tried to think about keeping good form even though I was tired and the shock from running down metalled road in Walshes was making my legs hurt.

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